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09 Dec

Surprise Guests With A Brunch Wedding

BY hub | May 19, 2016

We typically think of weddings happening in the late afternoon/evening. . . but brunch weddings may become the new rage for several reasons. First of all, here in Arizona, it can be quite hot in the late afternoon/evening, so why not have a brunch wedding before it becomes too warm.

Secondly, it can be more cost effective. Morning weddings typically cost less because it is not as popular as an evening wedding. In addition brunch weddings are usually smaller, which leads to a smaller price tag.

The next reason is – brunch food. Need I say more? I’m talking about all the good stuff. . . pancakes, waffles, eggs, and bacon. . . . not to leave out coffee and mimosas. Food is going to be a standout at a brunch wedding. . . this biscuit bar is adorable.


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Or perhaps you’d prefer a pancake bar with toppings that guest can add like this one.


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And who needs a wedding cake at a brunch wedding when you can have a cake made of pancakes. . . or even better. . . donuts.

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If you’re not the type of couple to enjoy formal or traditional events, a brunch wedding might be perfect for you because they are typically more casual. Simple decorations fit the theme perfectly. Like these sweet picnic tables that would look amazing in our barn.


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Lastly, brunch weddings are a great way to show off a little leg and wear a sweet short wedding dress. Since they are typically a little less “formal,” a morning wedding lends to casual dress. A simple wedding dress for the bride and perhaps a simple suit for the groom would work perfectly.


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So what do you think? Would you consider a brunch wedding for your big day? Why would you choose it over an evening wedding?