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10 Wedding Trends You Will FALL In Love With featured image

10 Wedding Trends You Will FALL In Love With

September 1st, 2016

FALL! It is finally upon us. . . I know here in Arizona we never get a “typical” fall, but we can dream right? Even in the desert, fall is still one of the most popular times to get married. Who doesn’t like warm days and cooler nights, perfect for an outdoor or indoor wedding? In addition, there are some really fun fall inspired wedding trends that will be a huge hit with guests. Here are our top 10 fall wedding trends:

APPLES – Apple anything! Cider, cake, favors, if it has apple in it, it’s perfect for a fall wedding. This apple cider station is adorable, and would be perfect to greet guests at your wedding.


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FALL COLORS – Deep fall hues are gorgeous in the grove. Burgundy, orange, mustard, and green are show stoppers that we don’t see in the spring and summer seasons. This modern twist of burgundy with gray is stunning.


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FALL INSPIRED GUEST BOOKS – Think all things fall and turn it into a guest book. Leaves, nuts, pumpkins. . . you get the idea. This fall tree “guest book” fits perfect with the theme and would be a gorgeous art piece for your home after guests sign a leaf.

fall_guest book

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FALL FLOWERS – There are certain flowers that you can only get in fall. . . and they are so pretty! One floral tip is to use flowers that are in season, and the fall provides a TON of options for you to choose from. Of course incorporating those fall colors makes for a perfect bouquet.


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PUMPKINS – Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. They are relatively inexpensive, come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes, and you can use them for SO many details. Centerpieces, with candles, with flowers, as accent pieces, pumpkins can be incorporated so easily into your fall décor.



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COZY THINGS – Although the days can be warm in the fall, the evenings can get chilly. And nothing says romance more than snuggling up under a blanket or pashmina. Why not provide blankets for couples to snuggle up under to keep warm.


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FALL LEAVES – Our pecan tree leaves do change color a bit in the fall, but not until late fall. Don’t let that stop you from incorporating fall leaves into your décor. Like pumpkins these can be used in so many ways from centerpieces to accents. . . . like this beautiful cake.


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MMMMM PIE – I don’t know about you, but pie always comes to mind when thinking about fall. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, why not offer a pie bar. Or have guests take a piece of pie home as a favor. Everyone loves pie, and this is an opportunity to serve several different flavors. Does your family have a special pie recipe? You could provide that for guests as an extra bonus.



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S’MORES – Something else that just makes you feel warm and cozy inside. . . s’mores. You can’t go wrong with this as an after dinner treat.


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NUTS – If you are getting married at Venue at the Grove, you should know that the trees on our property are pecan trees. They typically start to drop their nuts in the fall, and they are DELICIOUS! Why not incorporate pecans into your wedding like these candied pecans as favors. Or perhaps use pecans in your dinner menu.


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