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21 Apr

Paw-tners On Your Wedding Day! 🐾

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and a time where you are surrounded by all those who are most important to you including your furry friends! One of the many perks to having your special day at Venue at the Grove is being able to include your best […]

09 Mar

Wedding Spotlight: Tina & Luis

Ready to take another trip down memory lane with us? This wedding day was nothing short of amazing and the unique touches combined with the love between these two was evident and beautiful! Their color choices and design elements perfectly complimented the beautiful spring day. Let’s start from the beginning when our couple arrived on […]

31 Jan

Frequently Asked Questions!

You asked, we answered! Have you been wanting to ask us some questions about Venue at the Grove and how we do things? Maybe you are a prospective couple curious about our alcohol policy or maybe you are a booked couple wondering when you can schedule your rehearsal. Either way, we’ve got you covered! Scroll […]

06 Jan

Wedding Spotlight: Raquel & Promden

Raquel and Promden’s wedding was anything but ordinary! Their wedding day was filled with entertainment, love, and joy. Keep reading below and take a trip down memory lane with us as we reminisce on this beautiful love story. Getting Ready The day started with our beautiful couple doing their finishing touches in our wedding suites. […]

10 Aug

Seating Charts Galore!

One important detail to your wedding day that couples sometimes forget about is a seating chart! Whether you are doing assigned seating or assigned tables, a seating chart is really important so your guests know where they are sitting in the reception space. While this may seem like an obvious one, you would be surprised […]

27 Jul

It’s All in the Place Settings

The place settings at your reception may seem like a small, insignificant detail in your wedding day, but they are actually a huge factor that can transform the reception space. Still feeling skeptical? Keep reading below to see what we mean! Goblets If you have had the chance to talk to one of our team […]

13 Jul

Wedding Spotlight: Roxy & Freddy

As we are in the middle of summer and it is getting warmer and warmer in the Phoenix area, we thought you might want to reminisce with us on the cooler fall temperatures and the feeling of autumn in the air. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to Roxy & Freddy’s wedding last Fall! […]

29 Jun

Lounge Sets, Loveseats, & Leisure

Have you ever considered having a lounge set at your wedding for your guests to enjoy some leisure time? Or maybe, you want to have a loveseat or a sofa for you and your newlywed to relax on during the reception? Well, we have some options for you! We love lounge sets and loveseats and […]

16 Jun

Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

You have probably heard the saying something borrowed, something new, but what about something borrowed, something blue?! If you attended our June Special Open House, you probably saw a theme of blue in our design! Curious as to how to incorporate tones of blue into your special day? Well, we have some ideas for you! […]

08 Jun

Champagne, Margaritas and Gimlets – Oh My!

Some of life’s best celebrations involve being with the ones you love, eating food until you’re way too full, and drinking to commemorate the special day! At Venue at the Grove, you have already nailed down #1 (finding ‘your person’ and finding ‘your venue’ for your guests to celebrate with you) and #2 (booking the […]