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Neon Signs of Love featured image

Neon Signs of Love

June 24th, 2024

Neon signage has become a popular trend at weddings, adding a personalized touch to the party. One of the reasons they’ve become so popular is because of the aesthetic that they bring. Neon signs can be customized to each couple by their wedding date, a cute & meaningful quote from the couple for the bar area, ceremony, a backdrop for photos, or even reception behind their sweetheart table. A good example is shown below where they used their neon sign for the cocktail hour area, and then chose to move it to the reception bar area. 

The bright light and ray of shine brings your decor to life, and stands out from the rest of the more traditional decor you may have. They bring a chic gleam that follows into your other decor to give a  bright ambience, and gives such a great focal point of your florals, decor, or linens. It is still a very simple thing to have in your list of decor but also maximizes a space in your own uniqueness as a couple for your guests.

The versatility in the neon signs are great because they can easily be set up, usually aren’t heavy, which is great for your event manager, wedding planner or designated designer you have for the day. Let’s also not forget transportation because transporting decor can be a bit of a hassle, but the signs typically are packaged well in a slim, lightweight box. They are also energy efficient if they’re LED powered neon signs. Another great plus is that the signage works and fits well in any setting you pick for a venue whether it be more farmhouse rustic, or a modern clean-cut area, as well as taking it indoor or outdoor.

It would be more cost effective for anyone wanting to repurpose it to different areas of the wedding as well. To ensure you get full use for your money’s worth, especially if your guests will be moving to different areas of the venue throughout the duration of the day, just like florals or other transportable decor, you could maximize the use of your one piece. 

You may be thinking, “well what will I do with the sign after my event?” take it home for house decor! There are many things you are sent home with after your event, but the LED personalized sign would be one of those things that bring the glow, warmth and happiness to your home as well, and the best part is it’s customized by you.

The beauty that the signs bring, cost effectiveness, sentimental value, and functionality of the neon signs are just that little touch & pizzazz you need