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Mariachi: Tuning Out! featured image

Mariachi: Tuning Out!

May 4th, 2024

Close your eyes and open your ears – Now imagine the sound of a beautiful set of instruments. For your wedding day, imagine the music that would most empower you, OR maybe your heritage! Specifically speaking on mariachi bands, it captures you in such a warm sound of love. When you hear the instruments it takes you to a high place of celebration, and a romantic way to give a nod to your culture.

We love having the culture of who you are to be tied into your weddings to make it your own. The display of appreciation of where your roots are is always loved, especially by all of the guests attending, whether you’re marrying two of the same cultures or different cultures colliding into one. 


When deciding to have a live band play, your opportunities are endless! For example, have your mariachi come in for a visit during cocktail hour while guests enjoy a drink & games! Mariachi bands can also be flexible with how and where you might want them playing. You might want to have them for during your ceremony with jus

t a guitar, violin & vocalist for a softer entrance, then get really into it & switch them over to all instruments playing in your cocktail area or reception for full blown Mexican Canciones like in this photo for the wedding of Roxy & Freddy! Another sweet idea – you could even have them make some of your guests feel special by having them perform in duos & walking up to specific guests to play a song. Overall, along with your guests & the food, the music and setting a tone for who you truly are as a couple is another little detail to tie your whole day together!