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4 Reasons You Shoud Consider First Look Photos featured image

4 Reasons You Shoud Consider First Look Photos

June 30th, 2018

Traditionally there is a lot of superstition surrounding the bride and groom seeing each other before their wedding ceremony. Most of this comes from a time when arranged marriages were common. However, times have changed, and many couples are opting to take “first look” photos prior to their ceremony. What are “first look” photos? They are simply portrait photos taken of the bride and groom BEFORE the ceremony.

Here are a few reasons why “first look” photos are a good idea:

  • Privacy/Intimacy. Getting to lay eyes on your hubby or wife to be without a hundred eyes on you is a little less intimidating. You can have a quiet moment, just the two of you, to soak each other in, and shake off some of the pre wedding jitters.
  • Timing – If you wait to take portrait photos until after the ceremony, they will likely be after you take family and bridal party photos. Photos can take a long time, leaving you to miss out on cocktail hour and feeling rushed. By taking first look photos, family and bridal party photos should be pretty swift allowing you to make your grand entrance and enjoy your cocktail hour.
  • Touch Up – This is especially relevant here in Arizona where it’s warm year-round. You’ll be fresh for your first look photos, unlike if you wait until after the ceremony. And you’ll be able to touch up right before the ceremony as well.
  • Location – If you do not do a first look, the photos of you seeing your husband or wife for the first time will be as you walk down the aisle. However if you do a first look, you will be able to choose the back drop location. . . and we have LOTS of options here {wink wink}.

First Look Alternatives


If you decide that a first look with your husband or wife isn’t something you’d like to do, there are a few other first look options that are sweet moments that should be captured: bride and dad, groom and mom and bride and bridesmaids.

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