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5 Irish Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Wedding featured image

5 Irish Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

March 18th, 2017

Many of the wedding traditions we still practice today have European roots. Like, did you know that the phrase “tying the knot” actually comes from an ancient Celtic tradition? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are 5 ancient Irish traditions you may want to incorporate into your wedding.


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“Tying the knot” comes from this ancient Celtic custom.  Before the bride and groom are husband and wife, the couple take each others hands, and a ribbon or cord is wound around their hands as a symbol of their agreement to live their lives together. Historically speaking this ceremony was done because not everyone could afford wedding bands. Their hands tied together was the only symbol many had of their union.

Blue Dress

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Popularity of a white wedding gown, representing purity, didn’t come to fruition until British monarchs made it common. Prior to that, blue was the color of wedding gowns.


The association of a horseshoe and good luck has been common for centuries. Many people would hang a horseshoe over their doors to bring them luck. So therefor it is not uncommon that you may see horseshoes incorporated into Irish weddings, for good luck in their marriage. Typically brides will carry a small silver or porcelain horseshoe hidden in their bouquets.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is one Irish tradition that is commonly known. The ring is given by young men to their girlfriends as a gift when they are in a relationship. Single women can also wear the ring on their right hand, with the ring facing outward. When in a relation ship, it is turned inwards, indicating she is not “available.” The ring is then moved to the left hand when married.

Bell Ringing
Historically speaking the ringing of bells was thought to ward off evil spirits. Now a days many couples carry this tradition out by giving guests small bells to ring during the ceremony recession, or after the reception.

If you have been planning a wedding, you may have been thinking about incorporating an ancient Irish tradition without even knowing it since many of these have become mainstream. Whatever traditions you decide to incorporate, we wish you love and LUCK in your marriage.