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6 Tips to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry featured image

6 Tips to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

September 10th, 2015

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Pick the Place. When you register, pick two or three stores or websites. You don’t want overwhelm guests with too many places to choose from.

Know Yourself. Don’t feel like you need to register for items found on a “traditional registry.” Register for things that you as a couple need. Are you remodeling your house? Register at Home Depot. Are you into camping? Maybe register for sleeping bags from REI. You get the idea. . .

Know Your Guests. Registering for items at various price points is always a good idea. Be sure you consider your guests and how much money they are able to spend on a gift.

Let Guests Know. These days, a wedding website is so easy to make, and many sites help you make one for FREE. This is a great place to list wedding details including your registry.

Reregister. Two weeks before your wedding many of the lower priced items on your registry will most likely already be purchased. For guests who buy their gifts closer to the wedding date, register for a several lower cost items a few weeks before the wedding.

Be Gracious. Always send a personal handwritten note thanking your guest for their gift, it’s just the nice thing to do.