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7 Way to Create A Vows Keepsake featured image

7 Way to Create A Vows Keepsake

June 28th, 2017

You have written these beautiful words to each other in your vows, your promises to one another for the rest of your lives, and then the wedding is over and you hope to remember them. But truth is, life happens and those beautiful words can get lost in the memories of your wedding day. But, fear not. Here are 7 great ways to keep your vows present every day using art.

The first can easily be an after wedding DIY project. . . . I’m sure many of you whos wedding is over, know that post wedding depression is a real thing and this may help with that. Simply print your vows on paper, paste a wedding photo on top, and frame. Super easy, and this can be displayed every day to remind you of the promises you made.

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This second project is also a super simple DIY. Using a plastic or glass clear Christmas ornament, cut your printed vows into strips and place inside. Then you can decorate your ornament and tie with a ribbon. A great way to display your love on your Christmas tree.

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One of my favorite ideas is to create sound art. There are several companies that you can send recording of you saying your vows to one another and they will create a sound wave print from it. So cool.

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If DIY isn’t your thing, you can have your vows printed on a canvas like this. Super simple, and the perfect home décor.

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Minted will gold foil part of your vows to put up as wall décor. This would be an amazing art piece behind your bed.

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Another slightly more modern canvas print, are these fun “he” “she” canvases with your vows printed on them. If you have a large space to cover like behind a couch, this would be perfect.

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Lastly, another canvas art piece option, is by making word art using a wedding picture. Several digital artists can recreate one of your wedding photos using your vows.

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Taking your vows further than just saying them on your wedding day is a special and romantic keepsake. This is a great idea for a wedding gift, or anniversary gift for your significant other. So if you are getting married, or been married for years, you can use one of these options to keep your vows around forever.