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A Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day featured image

A Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2019

Throughout the years, society has influenced this one special holiday as the single most important day of the year to show your significant other that you love them. It’s been common that the flowers, jewelry, chocolate, and dinner dates are traditions for as long as we can remember.

Department stores are filled with pink and red bears, heart shaped candies, and bouquets of roses for everyone looking for their last-minute gifts. Restaurants all over the city are filled with reservations for the night, even having to turn people away because of max capacity.

But what is Valentine’s Day really about? And what are some unique ways to spend the night?

Valentine’s Day is recognized to be the most romantic day of the year, a whole day purely meant to be a celebration of love and romance. Which means the heart shaped candies and pink and red bears are—yes, nice to receive, but expressing your love in a unique and thoughtful way would make the day extra special!

5 Romantic Expressions of Love


  1. Backyard Bonfire Under the Stars: The most inexpensive, yet intimate date idea. Grab some marsh-mellows and graham crackers, pop open some red wine, and kick back in some comfy blankets under the stars and enjoy the crackling fire and each other’s company.


  1. Look into local resorts/businesses for excursions: Most large resorts have activities on property that are perfect for a romantic night out such as gondola rides, cooking classes, or hot air balloon floats.


  1. Ice skating and hot chocolate: Are you a more of an active couple? Hold hands at the ice-skating rink and enjoy being a kid again! After, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and some of your favorite take-out.


  1. Book a spa night: Relieve your stress and spend time with your honey all in one; get a couple’s massage or facial and relax in the hot spa with some deep conversation and much needed connection!


  1. Surprise Scavenger Hunt: Such an adventurous and gleeful activity! Plan a special scavenger hunt around your town or house and have fun with your valentine, figuring out the clues and steps to get to the prize at the end. Who knows, your prize might be something shiny that fits perfectly on your ring finger!


We hope you have a truly extraordinary Valentine’s Day!