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An Unforgettable Reception featured image

An Unforgettable Reception

September 10th, 2010

 Your reception is meant to be a time for your guests to celebrate with you on your big day. It’s the time after the ceremony to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Let’s face it; nobody wants to have a reception where their guests are stationed in their seats for most of the night. And what’s a reception without entertainment and fun? Here are few ways that Venue at the Grove can help keep your guests entertained during your reception and create an unforgettable night!

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great source of entertainment at weddings! They can also create a very fun and energetic atmosphere. These allow for your guests to be able to interact with each other, and allow you to be able to wind down after taking your professional pictures and have some fun. Photo booths can also be a great wedding favor, where your guests can leave with a copy of those lasting memories.


Have the videographer set up a stationery camera so guests can record their own messages and send blessings to the bride and groom throughout the evening. This is something you can always look back on to remember that special day.

Guest Book Station

One of the latest wedding trends has been guest book stations. Long gone are the basic signature books, and a new wave of creative thinkers have taken over the guest book. For crafty brides, a scrapbook station is a great way for family and friends to personalize your guest book. Putting scrapbooking supplies out and having guests create a one of a kind page will leave you with a unique memory book. You can add photos from a photo booth, or leave cameras on the craft table for guests to take their own pictures. Guests are sure to love the idea of getting to create something special for the bride and groom.

 Dessert Bar

A spin off from the traditional wedding cake, dessert bars are becoming a delicious way to get guests out of their seats and entertain their taste buds. Make the sweet bar something personal and special by offering desserts that have meaning to the bride and groom. For example: Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, or Bride’s favorite childhood brownie, and Groom’s favorite pie. You could even label each treat and why they are special to you, or have recipe cards for guests to take. Have boxes with personalized labels for guests to fill and take home with them as a gift.

Outdoor Games

Because of the amazing lush green grass we have at the venue, why not have outdoor games at your cocktail hour and reception. Croquette or Bocce Ball are fantastic games to get guests mingling, and enjoy the gorgeous twinkle lit pecan trees.

A wedding day is about the commitment a bride and groom have made to each other and the reception is a celebration of that commitment. Having unique activities for both you and your guests to partake in will create memories to last a lifetime.

Photos provided by Ashley Forrette Photography  www.ashleyforrette.com