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Bridal Beauty Tips- How to Keep a Natural Look on Your Big Day! featured image

Bridal Beauty Tips- How to Keep a Natural Look on Your Big Day!

September 26th, 2013


Try and Keep it Light:

This means light on the amount of makeup. Less is always more. On your wedding day, you want your groom to see you in your natural beauty. Sometimes several layers of makeup can look over done and dramatic.

Try not to Overshadow:

You don’t want your eye shadow to overpower your face on the day of your wedding. Eye shadow is meant to bring out your eyes and the best way to do this is by not overshadowing. If your having your wedding in the fall or winter try neutral colors. If your having a spring or summer wedding, you could try pastels. Applying a light shadow will bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. However you decide to do your make up, just try not to overdo your eye shadow.

Choose a Thin Line:

Liner’s can also bring out that natural beauty of the eye when applied properly. On this topic, you might want to consider going with a waterproof liquid eyeliner just in case, those tears come out involuntarily. Again, you don’t want to overdo your line. A thin line will do the job just fine. Thicker lines can make your eyes look droopy and you don’t want that!

Full and Long-Lasting Lashes:

Mascara is another important factor when complimenting your eyes. Try and stay away from thicker mascara applications, because this can cause your lashes to look unnatural. Also, try a waterproof mascara on your big day. It is a very emotional day and those tears can sneak up on you.

Lips Meant to be Kissed:

A very important moment is when the Officiant say’s “You may now kiss your bride”. You don’t want a gloss which will make your kiss messy. Instead, try natural shades of lipstick with a lip liner. This is a great all day look. You won’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day.