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Champagne, Margaritas and Gimlets – Oh My! featured image

Champagne, Margaritas and Gimlets – Oh My!

June 8th, 2022

Some of life’s best celebrations involve being with the ones you love, eating food until you’re way too full, and drinking to commemorate the special day! At Venue at the Grove, you have already nailed down #1 (finding ‘your person’ and finding ‘your venue’ for your guests to celebrate with you) and #2 (booking the all-inclusive package that includes the 5-star caterer, Ensemble Catering), and all that is left is #3 – drinking to celebrate!

What better way to do this than to set up a drink display for your guests to admire and love with their eyes and their taste buds! These drink displays can be used at any time during your day: pre-ceremony champagne display for when guests arrive, margarita display in cocktail hour to keep guests refreshed, or a specialty cocktail gimlet display for reception to bring in a personalized touch!

Keep reading to fully immerse yourself into these displays and imagine where you can picture these fitting into your big day!

1. The “Rustic Glam” Champagne Display

One of the many amazing things about Venue at the Grove is that the space is versatile to match whatever vibe you are looking for. If you admire the rustic look of wood and still want to add a pop of glam, then this display is for you! As your guests arrive, they are greeted with a display of refreshing, bubbly champagne before they head into the 2.5 acre pecan grove to watch your beautiful ceremony unfold. Another great way to use this display is to repurpose your favors here at the end of the evening! Your guests will be ‘wowed’ at the two different displays, and it makes for incredible pictures of your favors!

2. The “Modern Margarita” Cocktail Display

Remember how we said how versatile Venue at the Grove is with matching your vibe? Well this is a prime example of those looking for a more modern wedding cocktail display! The clean, gold lines and white marble shelving provide the perfect arrangement for margaritas! This is a great option for your guests to have a nice cool beverage on a warm day in Arizona. Want to get creative? Chat with one of our amazing florists about adding some floral arrangements to this display! It will be beautiful for the pictures and is a great addition to your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception. Cheers to the newlyweds!

3. The “Sweetheart Specialty” Cocktail Display

Have you ever thought about having specialty cocktails? You know, those two drinks that you and your sweetheart are fanatical about? Bring those into your wedding day with a specialty cocktail display! This is such a great way to bring more personal touches into your big day to truly make it one to remember. Some of the specialty cocktails we have seen in the past are mai-tais, gimlets, and blueberry ginger mules! You can even add on glassware or copper cups to elevate your cocktail display that much more! To add even a more personal touch, think about naming the cocktails after something that is important to you and your fiancé. Whether that be naming them after your pets or creating a spin on words with your first and last name, the opportunities are endless!

Our Event Management team would love to discuss your vision more in depth and see which of these revitalizing drink displays would be the perfect fit for your big day!