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Cocktail Hour Entertainment

September 24th, 2014



Activity Agenda

What if I told you I had the secret to making the most memorable cocktail hour your guests have ever experienced? Well, I am going to share that secret with you today: Delicious food + Beverages of Choice +Games = Amazingness!

Appetizers from Ensemble Catering are always a big hit. Keeping your guests fed is a huge part of an seamless cocktail hour.

Secondly, keeping your guests hydrated is important. Whether you decide to have alcohol at your wedding or not, beverages are a must.

Lastly, you know if you’ve visited Venue at the Grove, we have an AMAZING lawn area to host your ceremony. Did you also know this is also a great space to utilize for entertaining your guests during cocktail hour? Once guests are fed and hydrated, games are a really fun way to show guests a good time during cocktail hour. Here are a few game options that would work well on our lawn.


Paint Wall


Life sized Jenga




Life Sized Tic Tac Toe


Word Search


Photo Booth


Boccee Ball