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Color me crazy! featured image

Color me crazy!

April 22nd, 2012

Something funky we came across recently was the idea of color-blocking floral arrangements and linens at a wedding, and we thought it was totally fresh and interesting. There are many ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding, the key is to pick 2-4 colors and keep it simple and classic. You could do different shades of the same color or pick bright colors that complement each other, make it your own!

When it comes to flowers the idea is that you pick ONE color for the arrangement and go all out, different species of flowers, no fillers, all in the same color. Place the arrangement in a vase with the same color ribbon (shown below in yellow), on a table with a Linen in your chosen shade (personally I think a table linen in the same color, a few shades lighter looks AWESOME) and voila!

Another way to do it would be to color-block within the flower arrangement itself, shown below!

The fun doesn’t have to stop at flowers and linens either, get creative! If you feel so inclined to use this concept for invitations, place cards, clothing, cupcakes, favors, or signature drinks you’ve got our blessing!