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Create your Wedding to be Instagrammable and Unforgettable featured image

Create your Wedding to be Instagrammable and Unforgettable

August 20th, 2018

It’s safe to say that everyone is looking to stand out when it comes to their wedding day. You want your wedding to be the wedding, the one that tops the rest, the one where you are a celebrity!  Let’s be honest, nothing is better than seeing your loved ones enjoying themselves, your personalized hashtag all over social media and just simply hearing your guests rave about your wedding day. The question is how do you make your wedding stand out? Well here are some ideas to create your Instagrammable and unforgettable wedding!


Personalize Your Wedding with LOVE!


                  Photography By: Ryan & Denise Photography                                    Catering By: Ensemble Catering

Wedding days are strategically planned and guests expect to follow a similar timeline: ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. One thing guests don’t know everything about, is the love you and your fiancé have for one another. From the inside jokes you share, to the stories you both have developed, personalize your day based on what is special and unique to the both of you! Great examples are:

  • Share a specialty drink you both enjoy with your guests.
  • Have a little fun with your menu. Let your guests see your inner-foodie come out!


Light up your Cocktail Hour and Exit