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Creating A Beautiful Wedding Gallery Wall featured image

Creating A Beautiful Wedding Gallery Wall

May 12th, 2016

You’re wedding was picture perfect, and you have the gorgeous photos to prove it! Now what? Will you have a book made that sits on a bookshelf or a coffee table and gets looked at every so often? Will you print a photo or two and have them on your nightstands? Will you make an album on Facebook for all your family and friends to gush over? Or will you be too overwhelmed and keep your photos on a thumb drive for years to come?
We love all the ideas above, but we do have another option to add. . . . have you ever heard of a gallery wall? It’s basically an artistically designed display of photos. It’s the perfect way to display several of your favorite wedding photos in one place for a big impact. The nice thing about a gallery wall is that you can put it in a place that suits your style and/or home. . . in your living room, bedroom, dining room, staircase. . . . a gallery wall can go anywhere you have wall space. Of course putting it on a wall you will see often is the best.
To many people, this may look like an overwhelming task, but thanks to Pinterest you can easily find templates for hundreds of different configurations to fit your space best. There are so many different options. . . you can use just wedding photos, you can use a combination of photos and nic nacks or memorabilia. We like the idea of adding not only your own wedding photos, but other family members wedding photos as well. The best part about a gallery wall is
you can add to these walls for future memorable moments. . . birth of a child, amazing vacation, family reunion, etc. . .
Now, you can print your photos at your local drugstore, but for quality prints, we suggest ordering them online. We like Shutterfly, Smugmug, or Mpix.
Gallery walls are the perfect way to take those stunning photos and display them for you to enjoy every day! Below are some inspiring examples of different gallery walls. Enjoy and happy framing!
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Entrance with green walls and cherry hardwood floor.