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Creating The Perfect Wedding Registry

December 17th, 2015

It’s engagement season! Many of you will be getting engaged over the holidays on through Valentine’s day, which means once you have a chance to enjoy just being engaged, it’s time to start planning.

In addition to planning your wedding and all the things that go along with that, you will have to think about registering. Now, you by no means HAVE to register if you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable, but your guests actually appreciate it when you do. It makes it easy for them to buy you a gift to celebrate your marriage. Plus, it may save you a trip or two to return or exchange gifts.


So how do you create the perfect registry? Here are a few tips:

  1. Use a wedding website to give your guests details about your special day. Free wedding website templates are available through sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire. These websites will also include a link to your registries.
  2. Create an excel spreadsheet with all of your guests names. You can then keep track of their RSVP, as well as what gift they send, and if you sent a thank you card or not.
  3. There are many lists you can find on the internet of all of the things you “need” to register for. I would caution you on using these. Think about what you really really need AND will use, and register for those items. For example, don’t feel the need to register for china if you have china that you will inherit, or if you just won’t use it. Or maybe you already live together and don’t need anything. . . in which case, think outside the box and register for experiences, like a trip to a local attraction or movie tickets. You can also register for unique items that you’ll use as a couple. . love to camp? Register at REI for example. Or maybe you are remodeling your home, register at Home Depot.
  4. Limit your registering to no more than 3 stores, if you register for more, it’s overwhelming to guests.
  5. Check your registry a couple weeks before your wedding and add a few lower ticket items for guests who have not had a chance to purchase your gift yet. Typically only big ticket items are left which can make it difficult for some guests to shop.
  6. You can also register for excursions on your honeymoon like snorkeling or a city Segway tour! Your guests will love giving you something you can do together.
  7. Last but not least, after you have registered and received your gifts, send a thank you note. Always.

In summation, keep your registry simple and keep it personal. Have you registered already? What did you register for?