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Different Types Of Unity Ceremonies To Consider For Your Big Day! featured image

Different Types Of Unity Ceremonies To Consider For Your Big Day!

August 31st, 2023

Have you and your fiancee been thinking about incorporating a unity ceremony as part of your wedding ceremony? Maybe you are unsure what a unity ceremony even is. Well, we are here to help! Keep reading below to learn more about different types of unity ceremonies and why couples choose to have them as part of their wedding ceremony.

What is a Unity Ceremony?

A unity ceremony is a symbolic act that is sometimes included in the ceremony. It represents the two individuals coming together as a union. This symbolic ceremony offers a unique opportunity for couples to add a personal touch as part of the wedding ceremony that represents them as a couple. Keep reading to learn about some unity ceremonies we have seen here at Venue at the Grove!

Tree Planting

The Tree Planting Ceremony is a unique and symbolic way to represent new life and new growth for the newlyweds. The tree symbolizes the marriage growing and becoming strong. After the ceremony, you can plant the tree at home and watch it grow!

Candle Unity Ceremony

The lighting of the candles is a fairly well-known tradition. This symbolic gesture consists of three candles. Each partner will take one of the outside candles and light the middle candle. Once again, this represents the two of them uniting as one.

Sand Pouring 

Another popular tradition is the sand pouring ceremony. With this option, the two partners each pour two different colors of sand into one empty container. We have also seen couples often include their kids in this symbolic ceremony!

Time Capsule

A time capsule is another unique unity ceremony. This involves the couple placing an item in a box (this item can be anything that is of significance to you and your spouse) and locking it away. On the couple‚Äôs anniversary, they open the box and partake of the items inside. They can then choose to put new items in the box for the next anniversary if they’d like to keep the tradition going.

Knot Tying

Also referred to as the hand-fasting ceremony, this dates back several years as a ceremonial tradition, and involves the couple holding hands while someone else binds their hands together with a ribbon or a cord. This represents unity and the couple being bonded to one another.