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DIY Inspiration

June 29th, 2012

Lately we have had a ton of brides bringing in fantastic do-it-yourself centerpieces and personal touches, I have seen so many creative ideas come through our doors sometimes I’m so inspired I don’t even know what to do with myself! From Kelsie’s beautiful tree branch centerpieces to Melissa’s gorgeous DIY flower covered wedding arbor, we’ve seen some spectacular stuff! I find myself wanting to revamp my home with a new kitchen table centerpiece or hang crazy colored lanterns from my ceilings every week. If I don’t get some of these ideas out of my head eventually my apartment is going to be a miss-matched DIY disaster. So to save my home from looking like somewhere featured on hoarders, I’m choosing to share these awesome ideas with you! Whether you want to add Do-it-yourself touches to your wedding to add personal touches or to save money here is some inspiration I have found from events I’ve been to, blogs I’ve read, and things I’ve seen on pinterest. I’ll also share a couple of tips & resources that wll be helpful along the way.

1. Colored Mason Jars- We’ve all been seeing mason jars popping up everywhere, I even use them as drinking glasses at home on a regular basis. They’re pretty and they’re much less expensive than buying fancy glassware (they’re approximately $1.50 at Michaels…not bad huh?). So when I saw that by painting the inside of them you could transform them into stunning vases, I immediately ran to the craft store and bought some paint. It’s also very simple: fill the inside walls of a glass mason jar with spray paint in your choice of color (I chose a mint green) roll to cover all sides, and then drip dry over a piece of cardboard & voila! Just remember that once you’ve put spray paint inside of the jar, they are no longer suitable to use as drinking glasses.

Photo courtesy of  http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/floral-inspiration-mason-jar-vases-169465

2. Soda Pop Escort Cards- I read about these on one of my favorite wedding blogs and instantly wanted to host a dinner party to find out how to make them Click here

3. Making your own monograms- Monogrammed escort cards, labels, etc are all the rage, but professional wedding stationary can be pricey, as can hiring a calligrapher, even ordering things off of etsy.com isn’t always inexpensive. Well project wedding has a step by step list of how to create a monogram on your home computer using Microsoft word! Click here to save yourself a bundle!

4. DIY Bird’s Nest Centerpieces- The other day I almost bought these from William Sonoma but then I thought to myself “I could probably make those” so I stopped myself and did a google search where I landed on this blog called tidy mom who featured one of her friends who blogs for NoBiggie.com. There they explained exactly how to make these beautiful and unique centerpieces, score! Find out how here

I have just about a million more DIY ideas and projects I want to share, but this blog would be 30 pages long, so I will quit while I’m ahead. DIY ideas are all around you, find what works for you!