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Dressing Up Your Aisle featured image

Dressing Up Your Aisle

October 15th, 2014

One of the many luxuries of getting married at Venue at the Grove is the gorgeous natural backdrop. Honestly, it’s so pretty, you don’t need to do much to dress it up. However, if you do want to add some additional color to the ceremony area, here are a couple of beautiful ways though your aisle décor.

Add wooden stumps with farmers market flowers and mason jars for a rustic look.


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Use benches instead of chairs and have simple floral arrangements at the end of each pew.


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Hang a darling sign at the end of the aisle to keep guests from walking down the aisle before the bride.


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Hang pictures of the bride and groom at various ages at the ends of each aisle.


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Colorful paper hearts are unique and add a bit od whimsy to your ceremony.


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Buckets with baby’s breath or simple flowers look so sweet.


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Don’t want real flowers, what about tissue paper pom poms in coordinating wedding colors?


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This ombre rose petal aisle runner is to die for.


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Mason jars hanging on shepherds hooks is a classic look.


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This is kind of a neat idea. . . if you read this post, you know having an aisle runner in the grass is not a great idea, but what about using that runner as a backdrop and writing your vows or a love note on it?


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