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Groomsmen Style

June 11th, 2014

We spend a lot of time planning what we are going to wear, what the bridesmaids will wear, how the ceremony and reception space will be decorated, but what about the MEN?! What about what they are going to wear? Quite often the groom and groomsmen get thought about last. Maybe these groomsmen style trends this will jump start your attire planning for the men in your wedding.

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Classic Suit

Black, gray, navy, tan, a classic suit always looks picture perfect for your nuptials.


Monochromatic Attire

Keeping the suit, shirts, and vests all a little different, but in the same color scheme looks so chic.


Colorful Ties

A great way to tie in your wedding colors is through the men’s ties.


Casual Chic

Dress those jeans up with a pattern shirt, vest, and tie for a casual and vintage feel.



Just like a classic suit, you can’t go wrong with bowties.


Fun Socks

Bright colors, stripes, polka dots, what a fun surprise and picture opportunity for the men to wear different socks.



Suspenders are another classic and elegant accessory to dress your men up.


Fun Shoes

Converse, cowboy boots, vans. . .  let your man show his personality with a favorite pair of kicks on your wedding day!