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Happy Memorial Day featured image

Happy Memorial Day

May 27th, 2016

First, since it is Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to take a minute to thank all the men and women who have or are currently serving our county. We are so grateful that you put your life on the line to keep America safe.
If you’re getting married around Memorial Day (or any day for the matter) have you considered supporting the troops through your wedding? Stay with me here as I explain how. . . .
There are actually 2 ways you help. First, many couples spend a good deal of money on favors for their guests. This is such a lovely gesture, a thank you for coming to their wedding. However, we can tell you that favors are easily forgotten at the end of the night. So consider instead of buying a candle or candy for guests to take home, why not make a donation to an organization that supports active military and veterans.
Secondly,  in this day and age, it is common for couples to not need anything new for their home. So perhaps instead of registering for gifts, ask guests to donate to an organization that supports our troops.
Don’t know where to start? Here are some amazing groups that can help you support our troops past and current.
Supporting our veterans and current military is so important, Happy Memorial Day!