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Hello and Welcome! Styling a Wedding Welcome Table featured image

Hello and Welcome! Styling a Wedding Welcome Table

March 22nd, 2016

Most weddings these days don’t have ushers to greet guests. Excited family and friends arrive to the wedding and typically wander around the patio until the DJ asks everyone to take their seats. One nice idea to be sure guests know the flow of events, is offering a welcome table.

What does a welcome table need to have on it? Well, that is really up to you. Some couples offer programs on this table with a timeline of the day’s events. Others place a large chalkboard on the table with the timeline instead. Photos of family members weddings, engagement photos, guests books, fans, bubbles, or perhaps even a water station to keep guests cool are all wonderful options.

What’s the point of a welcome table? Just that. It welcomes guests to your wedding and lets them know what’s going on. It makes them feel comfortable. It also sets the tone for the wedding. This table certainty does not need to be something elaborate and fancy. . . a table with a welcome sign and programs will still make a huge impact.

Take a look at some of these gorgeous welcome tables for inspiration!


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