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How to Create a Perfect Wedding Website

October 27th, 2016

We live in the age of internet. Everything is online these days, and although we still love the idea of a traditional wedding invitation sent through snail mail, every bride and groom should also have a wedding website. Even Grandma can probably easily access an online website.

A wedding website is the easiest way to communicate information with all your guests. This will not only make life a little easier for you, it will also be extremely helpful to guests. So where do you start? First, pick a host. Most of us are not computer programmers, and luckily, there are several FREE wedding website hosts that make creating a wedding website very easy. Just plug information into the template and voila! Done. If you do have a background in website design, more power to you! Just remember to keep your website simple and easy to navigate.

Other important information you will want to include on your website:

  1. Personal Stories. Fill everyone in on the details of how you met, favorite things to do as a couple, your engagement story, etc.
  2. A Photo Album. Guests will love seeing pictures of you at different stages in your relationship.
  3. Wedding Information. This may seem obvious, but it is very important. Include: date, location, directions, contact phone numbers, important times, and any special instructions.
  4. Hotel/Local Information. List several hotels at different price ranges in the area that would be suitable for guests. Also be sure to list fun things to see or do for guests that may have some extra time while in town.
  5. Wedding Party. Great Aunt Bertha may not have any clue who your friends are in your wedding party. Help guests get to know your wedding party, how you met, and why you chose them to be part of your big day.
  6. Registry Information. You can link directly to your registry on your website, but make sure you let people know where you are registered.
  7. RSVP. Some templates will allow guests to RSVP right on the website. This not only makes it very easy for them, you also can save money on response cards and postage.
  8. Music Requests. Every couple wants their guests to have an amazing time at their wedding. So why not have them request songs they like to boogey to on the dancefloor. This will ensure a full reception dancefloor.
  9. Guest Book. Have a virtual guest book where friends and family can write a note of congratulations.
  10. After the Wedding. Friends and family would love to see pictures of the wedding and maybe your honeymoon after your wedding. An “after the wedding” page on your website would be the perfect place to thank guests for coming and share photos of your special day.