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Incorporating Dad On Your Wedding Day featured image

Incorporating Dad On Your Wedding Day

June 17th, 2016

Father’s Day is THIS weekend, and we have the perfect gift idea for all you bride-to-bes. Have you thought about writing a heartfelt letter to dad and not only tell him how much you love him, but also how you’d like to incorporate him on your wedding day. Having your dad, or special dad figure be part of your special day is a priceless tradition you will remember for the rest of your life.


Just so you are prepared for your heartfelt gift, we have complied a list of ways to incorporate dad into your special day. Some of these ideas are traditional and some are more modern, but including dad in any of them will surely warm his heart.

  1. Father Daughter First Look. Right before you are ready to walk down the aisle, have the photographer grab a shot of your dad seeing you dressed in your wedding dress for the first time.
  2. Walk Down the Aisle. This is a classic. Many times the groom is walked down the aisle by both his mother and father, and of course the father of the bride will walk her down.
  3. Reading. Add a meaningful reading into your wedding ceremony and have your dad(s) read it.
  4. Receiving Line. This is a bit more traditional, but some weddings have receiving lines in which the bride and groom, as well as their families stand and greet each one of their guests while they enter the reception.
  5. Grand Entrance. Have Dad (and Mom) be introduced into the reception in the grand entrance.
  6. Toast. Both father of the bride and groom can give a toast of well wishes during the reception.
  7. First Dances. Another traditional way to honor dad is with a dance.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating your dad, Happy Father’s Day!