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Jessica Q Photography Tips

July 2nd, 2014

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Have you looked at Jessica Q’s Photography? Ummmm, gorgeous, right?! I had the opportunity to interview Jessica last week. I wanted to get her expert opinion on questions we get asked most here about photography. Here’s what she had to say. . . .

1.       Do you see any photography wedding trends that will be popular this fall/spring?

a.       Photography wise, I don’t really think trends are a good thing. As photographers, we should focus on taking photos that are classic and timeless. Photos that won’t look dated in 10 years. However, with that being said I think Pinterest plays a big role in what kind of “trends” our couples want from us. A few months ago it was to Photoshop a dinosaur behind a wedding party running away. It just takes one photo to go viral for everyone to want it. What I always tell my couples about trends and Pinterest is this: “Do you want your wedding to be an imitation of everyone else’s, or do you want your wedding to be a reflection of you two?”

2.       Are there certain colors that do not photograph as well to keep in mind when picking bridal party attire?

a.       I wouldn’t necessarily say colors so much as fabric! Keep in mind that a shiny fabric like taffeta or sateen will be highly reflective and might not photograph well depending on your surroundings. Not only that, I’ve seen images where the groom or groomsmen are wearing pinstriped suits that looks really nice in person, but in photos it turns into some weird psychedelic reflections. I would also recommend fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Fabrics like cotton, chiffon, jersey, organza, tulle etc are recommended while fabrics like taffeta, satin, and silk will definitely wrinkle more easily.

3.       How much time should I allow for pictures?

a.       This question is really dependent on a lot of factors: whether or not you’re doing a first look, how large your families are, and the sunset time in relation to your ceremony time. The two most important factors is the First Look and the sunset time in relation to your ceremony time. I’ll explain more on why First Looks are recommended in the question below. But you should definitely allow more time for photos if you’re getting married in the fall/winter when the sun sets earlier. For example, if your ceremony time is at 4pm in November and sun sets at 5:30pm, we would not have enough light for your after ceremony photos. The cocktail hour is not enough time to do your family photos, bridal party photos AND bride and groom photos. This is when doing a first look would be extremely helpful. Typically at most of the weddings I shoot, we spend about an hour photographing the first look with just the bride and groom, then the next 45 minutes photographing the B&G with the bridal party, this all happens BEFORE the ceremony. That way, the only thing we have to photograph during the cocktail hour is family formals and with light permitting, sunset photos of the bride and groom. Sunset photos are my favorite kind of photos! I love the images with the sun backlighting the couple!

4.       Do you recommend first looks?

a.       I highly recommend first looks! A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Some of my favorite all time photos are during the first look when the groom turns around and sees his bride for the first time! Don’t believe me? Google first look reactions and see for yourself. J  I also personally think that it’s a great time for the couple to get some private moments together before the day gets too hectic. While I understand why some couples want to go the traditional route and not see each other until you walk down the aisle, you have to ask yourself whose traditions you are honoring. The tradition of not seeing each other and the lifting of the veil came about when arranged marriages were popular back in the day when families didn’t want the groom to see his bride until they were married. 90% of the couples I photographed who chose a first look said they were glad they did it! It helped ease their anxiety and nervousness of the day and it absolutely didn’t take away from the “walking down the aisle moment”. As a photographer, I also love first looks because we get to have time with the couple for their bridal photos without feeling rushed. As I mentioned in the question above, first looks really help with the photography timeline of the day as well. Weddings with first looks don’t feel as rushed and we’re able to be more creative and have more fun with our couples.

5.       Any other tips you would recommend for potential brides?

a.       I recommend scheduling 50% more time for hair and makeup than you think it would take. Most weddings run behind because of hair and makeup. And speaking of makeup, glitter does not photograph well ladies.

b.       If you’re doing a first look or doing photos at a location that is not at your venue, have your flowers delivered there instead of the venue so you have it for photos.

c.       Use the engagement session that comes in most wedding packages. A lot of couples opt out of the engagement session because they feel like they don’t really need it. I love the engagement session because it gives me a chance to work with my couples before the big day. It helps me see how they interact with each other, how we interact with each other and what kind of direction they will need from me, if any. It’s really a time for me to get to know my couples better and that to me is priceless. And you get beautiful photos documenting your love! It’s a win win! J

d.       Take mental photos! Your day will go by so fast! Remember to take time throughout the day and breathe it all in!

View More: http://jessicaqphotography.pass.us/chris-val