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Keeping Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

June 2nd, 2016

There are typically two types of weddings. . . kids weddings and kid-free weddings. Rarely is there a middle ground. If you are team “kid-wedding” then you probably have already begun to think about what your reception will look like with kids running around. You want to include them, but you also want to be able to enjoy your reception, and allow their parents to enjoy it as well. Here are 3 ways to keep kids engaged and entertained at your wedding:

  1. Designate an Area
  2. Provide Activities
  3. Feed them Snacks

Pretty simple. The nice thing about Venue at the Grove’s property is that it is open. So it would be easy to designate a special area for the kids to hand out. Make them feel like they have their own special spot to celebrate. Some couples have even gone so far as to have a family member or hire someone to be an adult point of contact in the kids area to decrease the mayhem that may ensue with unsupervised kids.

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By providing activities kids will be entertained, allowing you to enjoy the adult festivities. Craft activities are always a good bet. Choose something that is relatively mess free, like crayons. Lawn games like bocce ball, corn hole, giant jenga, or bubbles are also good options to keep them busy. Remember kids are kids, but we want to set them up for success, so keep activities as mess free as possible so that we can keep the venue in tip top shape.

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Last and probably most important, feed them. Kids get hungry, and then cranky. Provide yummy, healthy snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar. . . although a few little treats don’t hurt (wink).

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