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Let There Be Light! by Mindy featured image

Let There Be Light! by Mindy

October 3rd, 2010

You never really notice how important lighting is, however lighting is one of the single most important features to set the mood for an event. Mastering the art of lighting can be tricky. You don’t want anything to too bright because bright lights can create a stark and sterile feeling. You don’t want lighting too low because the purpose is to make seeing easier. Soft, glowing light is the most desirable. It allows guests to see each other and interact, but not feel intrusive. Photographer Mike Maez took these amazing night shots of our newly illuminated patio, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how the venue looks all lit up!


One of the biggest trends right now is bringing the indoors out, and by hanging bistro lighting over the patio, we think we have done just that! We have also brought in two vintage light posts from the Biltmore in Phoenix to add another special touch to the patio. Imagine your guests mingling, dining under the lit trees, and dancing under the stars. We are so fortunate here in Arizona to be able to utilize outdoor spaces throughout the fall, winter, and spring, that these lights are the perfect opportunity to host your outdoor event.

 To view more of Mike Maez’s work, visit www.mikemaez.com.