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Making Mom Part Of Your Wedding featured image

Making Mom Part Of Your Wedding

April 28th, 2016

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s nice to consider all the ways to involve your mom into your wedding day. There are older traditions, like a reception receiving line that may not be popular in this day and age, however there are other traditions that will carry on through the test of time. Making your family part of your wedding day will certainly make it a day to cherish for all.
Here are several ways to make your mom feel the love on your wedding day:
1. Take her wedding dress/suit shopping with you. Include her in making the decision on what you will wear on the biggest day of your life.
2. Wear her wedding dress or veil. If you can’t wear her dress, a piece of her dress or veil sewn into yours is a nice sentiment as well.
3. Give both moms a flower during the wedding ceremony as a special token of love.
4. A popular tradition is performing a unity candle ceremony. The moms light taper candles and the bride and groom then use those taper candles to light a single unity candle to symbolize the coming together of two families.
5. Reading a poem at some point during the wedding (rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, or reception) is always a thoughtful gesture to show mom how much you love her.
6. Make your parents a part of the reception entrance. Guests who may not know your mom will enjoy putting a face to the name.
7. Another time old tradition is the first dance. Having the bride’s mom dance with the groom and bride dance with her father, and then having the grooms parents also join in after awhile is a great way to include the whole family in celebration.
Making sure your mom feels the love on your wedding day is important. . . after all she did raise you into the great person you are today! A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!