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Meet Our Photographers: Andrea Neff Photography featured image

Meet Our Photographers: Andrea Neff Photography

August 10th, 2023

It’s time for another Vendor Spotlight! Meet Andrea, one of our amazing photography partners who we have the pleasure of working with. Keep reading to learn all about Andrea Neff Photography and see some of her work here at Venue at the Grove!

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been shooting for fun ever since I was a kid (when we could not live without our digital point- and-shoots), but I really started to take it seriously in college while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism. I’d lunge at the chance to photograph literally every event at my community college because it was so exciting and fulfilling all at once. Working for the student paper there and later at ASU threw me into the center of the action where I could simultaneously meet new people and be creative — the best things!

How did you get into photographing weddings?

By total chance! In college I was 100% set on my career path, really gunning to work in television and loving human interest stories. Meanwhile, my friend Josh (now husband of Venue at the Grove’s very own Mary Kate!) had filmed a few weddings and asked if I wanted to tag along. I was immediately hooked on the energy of the day, the joy of witnessing connection between people, and how just plain cool it felt to be able to provide a service that made an impact. The rest was history!
We filmed really casually for a few years while I worked full time as an in-house studio photographer for a local mattress company (shout out to the Brooklyn Bedding team — you’re the best). I kept doing more and more photo work, especially for my coworkers, and before I knew it I was essentially working two full time jobs. It felt so natural to transition to running my own photo business, and I took the leap in April 2021! I love what I do, and now I truly couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

 What is your favorite part of a wedding day to photograph?

This is so insanely hard to choose because I’m a sap for all of it. But I really love the ceremony/commitment more than anything — it’s the reason why we’re gathered in the first place! I’ve been lucky enough to witness a broad range of large weddings and intimate elopements, and the “I do” part is the one great connection between them all. Saying “yes” to forever with your person? Incredible in any setting.

 What is the largest wedding party you have had the privilege of photographing?

 My work leans heavily toward intimate gatherings, but the largest I’ve had is sixteen total. The smallest I’ve had, and I’m seeing this more and more, is zero!

What drew you to Venue at the Grove?

The people. Every time I work there I know my clients are taken care of, and I am as well. I have yet to meet another staff with more caring, can-do attitudes from top to bottom than at VATG. They’re next level amazing!

Fun Fact: Tell us something that is fun or interesting about yourself or your company!

I lived on a bus for three months in college, traveling the country as part of a photo/video internship! I worked for a performing arts company out of Boston that operated a drum corps (basically professional marching band) for musicians ages 16-22. I traveled to 60+ cities with them, documenting their music competitions and life on tour. As a former band kid, these were my people, and that summer will always hold a special place in my heart.