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Meet Our Photographers: Tony George Photography featured image

Meet Our Photographers: Tony George Photography

June 29th, 2023

We are so excited to have a new segment on our blog, introducing you to our vendors! We have done a Q&A with our vendors to give you an insight into the amazing team that you would have the privilege and joy of working with! Starting with photographers, meet one of our amazing partners, Tony George Photography!

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer for 12 years!

What is your favorite part of a wedding to photograph?

Definitely bride and groom portraits as well as table decor details

What is the largest bridal party you have had the privilege of photographing?

Largest bridal party was 33 people in total! 16 bridesmaids, 15 groomsmen and the bride & groom!

What drew you to Venue at the Grove?

First I got married at Venue at the Grove in 2018, about 2 years into shooting weddings. After seeing the venue through a groom’s perspective I loved the staff so much and how amazing the entire day was. I knew that day I wanted to be a part of the team! The atmosphere, how organized everything is and the venue itself are all just so amazing!

Fun Fact: Tell us something that is fun or interesting about yourself or your company!

Fun facts about me, I’ve seen every season of The Office 15 times, I used to be sponsored by a local skate shop and skateboarded for about 16 years (age 4-age 20, another fun fact being a wedding photographer was never on the radar. I actually wanted to run my own chain of restaurants until I shot my first wedding. I instantly fell in love, changed my entire career and never looked back! Best decision ever!

How did you get into photographing weddings?

My getting into weddings story is a little different! I was only shooting portraits at the time here and there working as a restaurant manager, my boss was getting married and wanted me to help her get getting ready photos, I reached out to their photographer to ask if it was okay it with them and to tag along as a 3rd photographer. That day I fell in love with wedding photography and it’s been full time ever since!