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New and Improved: How to Avoid a Bridal Show Meltdown

May 31st, 2013

Venue at the Grove is thrilled to be participating in the Bridal Fashion Debut at the Phoenix Convention Center next weekend on June 9th! Bridal shows always have such a great energy. . . . the buzz of newly engaged couples on the lookout for potential vendors to be part of their special day. . . it’s exciting! However, bridal shows can also be very overwhelming! Hundreds of vendors are all trying to give you information on their product, which can be a bit frustrating. Below are a few tips to help you avoid a bridal show meltdown.

  • Create a special wedding email address. Many couples choose to use their names and wedding date as their email address. This will help you stay organized and keep wedding information separate from personal information.
  • Bring a folder. You will be offered information from each vendor who  you speak with, so it may be hard to keep track on which vendors you were very interested in contacting after the bridal show. Use this folder to separate the info and flyers for the vendors you are most interested in using or contacting for further information, from the flyers for the hundreds of other vendors you have met.
  • Create premade labels. Many vendors are going green and want to email you information about their services instead of handing you more paper. By having premade labels with your: name, email address, phone number, and wedding date, printed on them, will save you the hassle of writing your information hundreds of times.
  • Make a list. Finding what you need can be overwhelming. By creating a list of the specific vendors you are trying to find, will focus your experience. For example, included on your list are: find a venue, photographer, and bakery.  Going into the show knowing you are looking for those three vendors, your experience will surely be a little less chaotic.
  • Prepare for information overload. Take whatever literature you can and put it in the cute bridal bag you will receive at the door. Once you get home, you can review all the literature that was given to you in a quite environment with your cup of coffee. . . . or glass of wine.
  • Comfortable shoes. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing a TON of walking. This is fabulous for all those brides who want to get in shape for their big day (just be sure to stay away from the bar and catering booths with delicious food).
  • Bring examples. If you are able to bring swatches of fabric, color cards, or pictures of your theme, this will help you express to vendors what you are looking for, and be able to help vendors tell you how they can help create that theme with you.
  • Give yourself time. Arrive towards the beginning of the show as opposed to the end. We know catching up on beauty sleep over the weekends ranks high in a bride-to-be’s priority list, but for occasions like this, we recommend you set your alarm clock a little earlier and arrive to the bridal show sooner than later. You will want to roam around the bridal show at your own pace, and have time to engage in conversations with the vendors you are especially interested in using. In an already overwhelming environment, the last thing you want to feel is rushed to make it to all of the booths before the show ends.

Follow these tips, and you will have a great experience at any bridal show without being overwhelmed! We hope to see you Sunday, June 9th  at the Phoenix Convention Center!