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One on One with Direct Sounds Djs

September 10th, 2014

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“Music Is What Felling Sounds Like.” I love this quote. And feel it is especially appropriate when talking about wedding music. Sure, everyone is going to SEE many beautiful things, but if you want to give  your guests a total experience, you need to allow them to FEEL many things as well. . . . and this is where music plays a huge part in your big day.

When you meet with your DJ, they will ask you what mood you want to set for your wedding, and how you want your guests to feel. Do you want a party hardy atmosphere? An elegant subdued dinner party? A sappy love fest? Or maybe a combination of all three? Personally, for my wedding, I wanted guests to feel like they had been transported to Italy. I got married at a winery, and wanted to play that up as much as I could. I kept this pretty consistent throughout the ceremony and cocktail hour. However, once we moved into the reception, I wanted to mood to change a bit to that of an elegant but casual dinner, so the music changed. Then gradually, we worked up to party hardy dance music for after dinner. The music you play throughout your wedding will most certainly set the mood for the evening.

Photo Credit: Ashley Forrette Photography

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Jeff Jones with Direct Sounds Djs. He has some great tips to consider when choosing your DJ, and the music you’ll play.

Q.  What should couples look for in a “good DJ”?
A. This is a great question and may vary depending on the value a couple put’s on the music, announcements and entertainment for their event. A good DJ could be someone who provide’s your basic music and announcement service at a fair price. A lot of couple’s are completely satisfied with this approach. Some couple’s are interested in a good DJ that will tailor each aspect of their event for them to create a more personalized and intimate experience. These DJ’s tend to be on the higher end of the cost for a wedding DJ but put in a lot more time and add tremendous value to the experience all of the guest’s will have.

Then there is the “real DJ” aspect to consider. My personal opinion on a good DJ is one that has the reviews and referrals from past client’s that make you want to set up a meeting with that DJ. Then does that DJ provide helpful planning tools to choose your music? Does the DJ speak with confidence and answer your questions from their experience? Does the DJ’s appearance, age, and style match what you envisioned for your event? And one of the most important thing’s I think for the real DJ experience is does the potential DJ program your music and actually mix songs when dancing starts. Mixing is huge in getting all of your guest’s involved for dancing. Bouncing genre to genre is seamless and easy when the tempo and the rhythm are in sync. This allow’s all of your guest’s to be on the dance floor at the same time as well. Some DJ’s just switch songs and consequently lose momentum on the dance floor. Programing your music is essential to the experience of your event. Playing the right song at the right time can create long lasting memories for all in attendance.

In conclusion I think a good DJ will depend on what the importance and value a couple will put on their announcements, music and dancing experience. Some couple’s will have a modest portion of their budget set aside for basic DJ services and other couple’s will have a larger portion to ensure their guest’s have a one of a kind, personalized, never to forget night of their lives…

Q.  In terms of music, if you could give 3 do’s and 3 don’ts to couples, what would they be?
A. The three do’s I recommend to couple’s would be:
  • Have fun picking your music. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Pick song’s that are fun and have good meaning. If you have trouble finding songs, ask your DJ what they recommend.
  •  Consider your music to be decorations with sound. The song’s you choose will add an element of decor to your event that will compliment or contrast the visual decor you have.
  • Categorize your music. Ceremonies usually have the most traditional music. Cocktail hour should have medium tempo feel good songs, but not your favorite songs because guest’s are not paying close attention to the music at this time. But they can hear the rhythm and the beat in the background. Dinner music should be grouped into sections of different genre’s so all of your guest’s hear something they like. Dancing music, have fun with this! It’s party time at this point and you should go for exciting songs that will demonstrate your style and taste in music. It’s your party, you should show everyone how to have a good time.
The three don’ts I recommend would be:
  • 1. Do not choose the same songs you saw at a family member or friend’s wedding. Be unique, think outside the box. There are millions of songs to choose from. Find one’s that no one you know have used. Be a trend setter. Watch youtube, this is a huge source for good ideas.
  • 2. Don’t feel like you need to pick every song out. Pick the song’s for your traditional dancing event’s i.e. your first dance, father daughter dance etc. Make a general playlist of your favorite  music and allow your professional DJ to pick and choose from your list and add to it as well. An experienced DJ has worked with many crowd’s and will know what songs will work together and when to use them to create the best memories throughout your night.
  • 3. Don’t stress. You’ll be spending a lot of time and money on this one day. Do your due diligence and hire the best wedding vendors within your budget. Then relax and enjoy the day. It is too important of a day to worry whether or not everything will go according to plan. Even if it does stray off schedule a little bit, don’t panic. None of your guest’s know the game plan for the day and your professional wedding vendors will get you back on track..
Q. Are there any current wedding music trends?
A. For ceremony music I’ve continued to see most couple’s stay traditional in this area. Christina Perri’s song “A Thousand Year’s” I think was the most popular song used in the past 12 month’s. Reception music will of course vary in trend’s depending on the couple’s style and taste. Lately I have seen a lot of weddings infusing lot’s of genre’s that in the past never really went together. Some of the top genre’s couple’s are using together are R&B, Top 40, Classic Rat Pack style, Indie artist’s and Country music.