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Paw-tners On Your Wedding Day! featured image

Paw-tners On Your Wedding Day!

April 22nd, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and a time where you are surrounded by all those who are most important to you including your furry friends! One of the many perks to having your special day at Venue at the Grove is being able to include your best “furry” friend. 

Here are different ways that our couples have included their paw-tners in crime

Dog of Honor/Best Bud

Picture walking down the aisle,  you look in front of you and both the love of your life and your paw-tner are waiting for you. This is a very magical moment that makes walking down the aisle feel like home. Many couples like to add their pups to their wedding party. This adds a special touch to your wedding day as it fills your “Dog of Honor ” with joy.

**Treatful Tip: having your pet walk with someone they are comfortable with can help the dog feel at ease and more relaxed. These will make for great smiley pictures and memories that will last a lifetime for you and your pets!

Fur-Ever Photos

Wedding photos are one of the most important things to look back on as this is how you are able to preserve and re-live your wedding day. This is a perfect alternative if  you are worried about your pup making it down the aisle. Sometimes dogs can get frightened when walking down the aisle with all the people and music. After the ceremony is a perfect time to have your dog come out because it will be just the three of you!  These pictures provide a great opportunity to showcase your doggie and their outfits. These photos can also make for great thank you cards!

Signature Pup-Tails

Something that can be really fun to create as a couple are your signature drinks! A bonus can be theming the drinks to your pets! This can be extra special if you have any animals that are unable to attend the wedding because they can still be represented on your special day in the form of a drink. These pup-tails can be created to show your pet’s personality. For example, if you have a very energetic dog you can do a vodka Redbull. If you are unsure of how to theme your drinks you can always pick your favorite beverage and name it after your animal!

Delightful Treats

Everyone’s favorite time of a wedding… CAKE TIME!

The cake is a key part to your wedding day. It helps tie the whole evening together. The cake can help represent the theme of your wedding and can also include a special momentum to the couple. If you are unable to bring your pets on your day, a good alternative would be to add them on to the cake. This is a cute addition to your cake and can give it a unique story. 

Pawty Favors

The final way to represent your “furry friends” is through your “pawty favors”. This area has the widest opportunities for you to be creative. Since your guests will get to take these items home you can always give out your dog’s favorite treat and place it in a cute bag for your guests to bring to their dogs. Another favor idea that has been done by our past couples is including their pets on drink stirrers. 

The opportunities are endless for you to have your paw-tners in crime on your special day! Which one of these ideas will you be including?

Written by: Stephanie Silerio