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Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

August 8th, 2013

Let’s be honest, finding a perfect dress for a handful of your closest friends who each have different personalities, body shapes, and tastes may seem like attempting to find a mythical creature.  That is why we wanted to help and share the latest trends your lovely ladies are guaranteed to like!


-The one-shoulder dress adds some unique sass to any dress, while still having a modest bust line! It also draws the eye up to the neck-line, and away from unwanted areas such as hips.


-Soft neutral colors are both elegant and timeless, and they pair well with popular colors and textures such as mint, lace, and burlap!

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-Pair a short dress with the perfect set of boots, cowboy boots that is! With the country-chic look more popular than ever, this is the perfect way to make a statement in a short dress. In addition, they are much more comfortable then 6-inch heels, another reason why your ladies will thank you by the end of the night!

-For those of you who want your bridesmaid’s personalities to shine, take a step back and let THEM find their perfect dress. Simply choose a color and a length you would like to see them in, and let them do the rest! They will be happy to find a dress for their body and budget, and you will have one less thing to worry about. Best part, the mismatched dresses will come together to create one diverse and beautiful bridal party!