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Pin Away!

August 3rd, 2012


We here at Venue at the Grove have been OBSESSED with a little website called pinterest.com lately! We joined a few months ago and it has us hooked! The site has inspiration for outfits, recipes, diet plans, but our favorite has to be the wedding & events category! It is loaded with fun, inventive ideas for weddings of all types & styles!

We’ve created quite a few pin boards sharing photos that have been taken at the Grove, ideas we think would be great to use at our venue, & just some general inspiration! At every wonderful wedding that occurs here you will see me walking around taking photos of the details I am in love with just to pin onto this site, it’s quickly becoming my favorite guilty pleasure.

Pinterest is also quickly becoming the coolest online wedding planning resource. Allowing member to create virtual pinboards to keep track of all their ideas, and when you’re planning a wedding it definitely helps to keep things organized and in plain sight! It’s almost like being your own personal wedding planner! The best way to use pinterest to help with your wedding in my opinion is to create pinboards catered to every theme or color scheme you are considering. This way you can see them all lined up next to one another and truly decide which one is best for you! The site features photos from REAL weddings to draw inspiration from as well as photos from magazines, bridal boutiques, etc. You can also draw inspiration from their interior design boards!

Follow your friends, local businesses, magazines lately everyone has been joining and we love seeing what all our friends are posting! Another great thing is that when you click on the majority of these photos they are linked to the business that sells the item or instructions on how to make the item so if you find some linen napkins you would die to have at your wedding or a dress you must have, just click away! Be warned however, you will probably love everything and you may start to see your wallet become slightly slimmer!

So join us on pinterest!! Use your computer, use your smart phone, use your friend’s smart phone we don’t care just check it out!!  Click Here to Follow us!