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Play Ball! – By Laura B featured image

Play Ball! – By Laura B

April 27th, 2012

Let me just start by saying that I have been to more than a few weddings lately, I work at a wedding venue, and just about all of my friends (and cousins) are at the age where they’re all walking down the aisle, I’d probably say I have been to at least one wedding every weekend in the last 4 months. Every wedding is different, each bride has their own style, colors, themes, etc but there is nothing that is more fun than bringing out some lawn games, and Venue at the Grove is the perfect place to play them!

Think about it; the ceremony ends, the bride and groom run off in wedded bliss to take photos, and the guests leave their seats to start the “cocktail hour”. Wouldn’t it be fun if there were games to play?! Well that is exactly what Lisa & Chris did here at Venue at the Grove, and they’re not the only ones who think this is a brilliant idea!

                Not only does it give wedding guests something to do while they are sipping a cocktail and waiting to welcome the newlyweds, it gets people mingling! What better way than a little healthy competition to get two groups of family and friends, who probably don’t know each other all that well to start talking and laugh together? I can’t think of one!

     It also makes for beyond gorgeous photos. Check it out!

Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes