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Please Take A Seat

November 19th, 2014

I totally understand that with some families, it is just easier to do open seating at your wedding reception instead of assigned. However, if I could recommend one or the other, I would HIGHLY recommend assigned tables for your guests. Not only does this lead to a lot less confusion in terms of who is going to sit where, it also helps the entire flow of the evening. Here are a few things that typically happen with open seating:

1. Guests ask, “where am I supposed to sit?” (even if the DJ has already made an announcement)
2. Seats are moved to accommodate a certain number of guests at one table that was not planned for
3. Typically, it takes a lot longer for guests to be seated because they take time figuring out where and who to sit with, this then delays the entire wedding timeline. . .

As mentioned, I understand that with some weddings, assigned seating doesn’t work, but for those weddings that can, here is some inspiration for some unique table numbers.



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