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Preparing Your Guests for Mother Nature

November 15th, 2011

Being a guest at a wedding is an honor! The people you invite to witness your marriage are obviously special people, and deserve to enjoy themselves throughout your entire event. Which is why, we always suggest informing guests of where you are to be wed. There is such a unique advantage to an outdoor wedding in Arizona, and preparing guests for anything Mother Nature may throw at them will instill guests give your event a rave review.

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Venue at the Grove offers a gorgeous ceremony site nestled between large pecan trees. To get to the ceremony site, guests will walk about one hundred feet to take their seat, so it may be nice to inform guests not to wear their stilettos. Another option is to provide flip flops at the base of the patio for guests to slip on before walking down to the ceremony site. These can also double as some very comfortable “dancing shoes” for later.

The season you decide to get married in can also play a major role in guests comfort level. As we all know, late spring through early fall can be quite warm here. Informing guests that the ceremony and possible reception is outside, will give guests the option to dress appropriately for the time of
year. To add a personal touch and keep guests cool, you may opt to provide chilled water and fans for guests. You can even personalize your fans and use them as programs. Alternately, late fall through early spring can be quite chilly at night. Providing shawls, blankets, mittens, or perhaps offering a coffee/ hot coco bar is a fun and unexpected way to warm guests up.

If you do chooseImage #373110 to have an outdoor ceremony and reception, another   fabulous way to ensure guests are comfortable is to provide bug spray. Depending on the time of year, it is possible to have unwanted pests around, by providing bug spray, guests are sure to enjoy the great outdoors without getting bitten.

Now you ask, what is the best way to tell guests about your wedding location? A wedding website is always a good bet, but even including this information as part of your invitation is even better. This way guests will have plenty of time to prepare. Overall, your guests are important people, and you want them to be able to enjoy themselves as they share in one of the most special days of your life. Be sure your guests have as much information as possible to keep everyone comfortable!

Photography: AshleyForrette Photography