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Rhian and Josh featured image

Rhian and Josh

March 25th, 2012

About Love Photography

Rhian and Josh’s wedding day is one to go down in the history books! Even as clouds loomed overhead, nothing was going to keep the happy, giddy couple from having the best day ever! As guests were seated for the ceremony, the wind picked up just enough for the clouds to part, making it picture perfect!

A beautiful ceremony was then followed by a lively reception out on our patio. At over 175 guests, this was a party to remember. Guests were served dinner, and then the dance party began to celebrate the love of the happy couple!

Even at about 10pm the dance floor on our lit patio was packed. . . . and then without any warning it began to POUR rain! A complete downpour! In most cases people would probably run for cover, but not this group. We were  witness to an epic wedding moment: pouring rain, DJ spinning, packed dance floor! It was amazing to see that not one guest including the bride and groom left the floor. Amazing pictures and memories for Rhian and Josh to remember the rest of their lives!

Rhian was thoughtful enough to say the following kind words:

 We absolutely loved the Venue at the Grove for our wedding! The venue is in a beautiful pecan grove and the lights in the trees and over the outdoor patio area helped to create an amazing ambiance that got everyone into a celebratory mood! It was so much fun dancing under the stars. Our wedding was everything we dreamed it would be. Mindy was wonderful to work with and was very knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. We were able to decorate exactly as we wanted and being able to bring our own beer and wine saved us a ton of money. The venue provided a fabulous backdrop for our pictures. Would definitely recommend this venue to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary in the Phoenix area.

Congrats you two! Venue at the Grove feels very lucky to have been part of your day!