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Seasonal Wedding Color Trends featured image

Seasonal Wedding Color Trends

May 26th, 2022

Before you start buying decor, you need to think about the most important aspect of your wedding decorations – choosing your wedding colors! Wedding color palettes are vastly growing to incorporate a variety of hues to accentuate different aspects of your day. Choosing your wedding colors can be a challenge, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of the most popular colors by season to aid in your decision!


Winter has a dreamy and romantic vibe, which is why we love to see the color palette of navy, burgundy and gold. This color combination is timeless! Want to add even more romance to your day? Go for the red velvet linens. They add a touch of color and provide a warm, fuzzy feeling your guests will be left dreaming of having!


In Arizona, the transition from winter to spring in the wedding industry is apparent through the colors! While winter provides warm, dramatic colors, spring transitions into a light and airy color palette of light grays, blues and creams! Think of a garden party; lots of florals, greenery and pops of color! We predict the use of floral and greenery to continue to expand into spring of 2023 with touches of light blue used throughout!


The colors of summer are similar to those of spring, yet they provide more of a dramatic pop of color! Colors such as light pink, mauve and dusty rose are trendy for the summer. If you want to go bold, add a touch of yellow. A bright statement color like yellow is a phenomenal way to go more bold in the summer and still keep the wedding elegant and bright!


Fall is another season where there is a drastic difference in color palette.This is a great opportunity to bring in the boho vibes! Colors like terracotta, creams and tans bring the fall season to life! Terracotta also pairs well with yellows and reds, as well as deep greens. Bring in accent colors through your table decor, clothing and jewelry!