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Seating Charts Galore! featured image

Seating Charts Galore!

August 11th, 2022

One important detail to your wedding day that couples sometimes forget about is a seating chart! Whether you are doing assigned seating or assigned tables, a seating chart is really important so your guests know where they are sitting in the reception space. While this may seem like an obvious one, you would be surprised how often couples don’t think about a seating chart. This blog outlines different styles of seating charts that we have seen here at the venue and creative ways to incorporate your wedding design into your seating chart.

Mirror Seating Chart

A mirror seating chart is a classy and elegant way to show guests where they are sitting. This style has become very trendy and popular this year and we expect to continue to see more of this in the future. Not only does this seating chart option look gorgeous, you can also keep the mirrors and not have to worry about them going to waste!

Wine Bottles

A very creative choice, having the seating arrangements on wine bottles looks unique and is eye-catching. Similar to the mirror seating chart, you can save the wine bottles so they do not go to waste. In addition, this seating chart option is easy to transport because of the compact size which will save room while you are transporting your décor!

Free-Standing Arch Display

Free-standing arches are a beautiful and modern way to show your guests to their seats. These seating charts are very unique and can act as an accent piece in your home following the wedding. This display also draws the attention of your guests and is not easily missed, so they know exactly where to find where they are sitting in reception!

Door Display

For yet another creative opportunity, use a door as the backdrop for your seating chart! This concept is gorgeous and is a striking and noticeable way for your guests to find their seats. The other great thing about this option is that you can choose the style of door you want to use and have creative freedom in how you would like to design it.

Picture Frames

This seating chart is a great choice because it can be set up a number of different ways. Whether you choose to have a shelving display like the photos below, or simply have the picture frames on a table, it is up to you how you choose to bring this vision to life! This seating chart also creates an interactive opportunity for guests as they are coming over from cocktail hour.