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Send-Off Options You and Your Guests Will Remember featured image

Send-Off Options You and Your Guests Will Remember

April 19th, 2022

Looking for unique and interactive ways for your guests to “send you off” at the end of your wedding? Look no further! We have ideas for you that will be memorable for both you and your guests as you wave goodbye to your loved ones.


Sparklers are a classic way for your guests to send you off. This send-off looks beautiful in pictures AND it’s fun for your guests! Enjoy the fun lights illuminating from the sparklers and get that picture-perfect kiss as you leave your fairytale wedding as newlyweds for your happily ever after.


For a fun and whimsical way for your guests to send you off, try bubbles! This unique send-off takes guests back to their childhood and is fun for all ages! Besides, who doesn’t want to take a bubble wand home at the end of the night? Run through the bubbles and reminisce on your magical day, as you two head into your new journey together.

Petal Toss

This fun send-off looks amazing in photos and can tie into other elements of your wedding day by showcasing floral once more and recreating the ceremony look of petals down the aisle! As the petals fall, take it all in and say farewell to the day and hello to a lifetime of happiness.