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So You’re Engaged! Now What? featured image

So You’re Engaged! Now What?

February 20th, 2017

We are now coming down off the holiday high. . . the season that starts at Thanksgiving and ends about Valentine’s Day. In wedding land, this is the season that we see the most engagements take place. What an exciting time of year! So to all you newly engaged couples, now what? What are the things you need to do once you become engaged?

First are foremost, you should do nothing. And by that I mean, enjoy the moment of being just engaged. What a special time! As exciting as it is to think about planning your dream wedding, try to step back and just celebrate being in love. . . the hectic wedding planning will come soon enough.

Once you have had enough time to just enjoy one another as a newly engaged couple, then you can dive right in to the “to-dos.” So what are those? Here’s a list of the top 10 things to do after you become engaged.

#1 – Hug, kiss, jump for joy, and relish in the post engagement glow

#2 – Tell parents and closest friends

#3 – Decide on a wedding budget

#4 – Choose your bridal party

#5 – Make arrangements for engagement photos

#6 – Insure your ring

#7 – Choose your target wedding date range

#8 – Make a guest list

#9 – Pick top locations to visit

#10 – Find your dress

A huge congratulations to all the couples who were engaged over the holidays! Please join us for a tour of our gorgeous property at an Open House we hold every Wednesday from 5 – 8pm.