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Something Borrowed, Something Blue! featured image

Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

June 16th, 2022

You have probably heard the saying something borrowed, something new, but what about something borrowed, something blue?! If you attended our June Special Open House, you probably saw a theme of blue in our design! Curious as to how to incorporate tones of blue into your special day? Well, we have some ideas for you!

1. In the place settings

Incorporate blues into your place settings either in table runners, napkins or goblets! There are endless options for how to include blue hues into your table scapes and they all will compliment your overall design. P.S. Our personal favorite is these upgraded blue goblets! 

2. In the details

A great way to subtly include hints of blue in your wedding day is in the little details! Whether it is with your vow books, invitations, ring case, garter, perfume, or shoes, there are so many ways to have blue in the small details of your big day.

3. In the bouquet

A classic way to incorporate blue is in your bouquet! Flowers are one of the most prominent features of your wedding day so you might as well showcase the blue theme in the florals! Ask your florist about incorporating tones of blue in your floral arrangements and top it off with a blue ribbon! 

4. In the bridal party

A more obvious way of carrying the theme of blue on your wedding day is with what your bridal party is wearing! Have the ladies wear blue dresses and the gentlemen wear blue ties so that they complement one another. The bridesmaids could either all wear the same color of blue or they could wear different shades of blue. Regardless, they will look amazing and the theme of blue will be evident. 

5. In the cake

A fun way to incorporate the color blue on your wedding day is in the cake! Switch up the traditional wedding cake by making it colorful! Whether you have ombre tones of blue in the cake or go big and make the entire thing one shade of blue, your cake will definitely stand out and create a lasting impression for your guests.