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Thank You Bridal Party! featured image

Thank You Bridal Party!

June 25th, 2014

So you chose your bestist 4 (or 10) girlfriends to be in your wedding, YAY! There is no better feeling than having your besties by your side when you get married. These are good friends, and the kind of friends who don’t mind spending money in order to help you celebrate and look good doing so. When you think about it, your bridal party spends a lot of money! Between the: bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the attire, possibly even travel expenses, it all adds up, and is all to help celebrate your love. Etiquette tells us, that we should say more than just thanks for their time and efforts, we should also give them a small gift, or token of appreciation. Below are a few gift ideas for your bridal party.

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Pick a clutch in your wedding colors that will complement your girls’ dresses so that they have a place to hide their lipstick for your reception.




What girl doesn’t like a cute robe to get pampered in. These floral robes are perfect to get glammed up in, and will look adorable in pictures!


Personalized Bags

Your bridal party will have SO much to carry the day of your wedding. Why not give them an adorable personalized canvas bag?



Whether your get them something simple to wear everyday, or more elaborate to match their bridesmaid dress, you can never go wrong with jewelry. These personalized necklaces are perfect.


Personalized Hangers

Aren’t these just the cutest? Personalized  hangers for each girl is the perfect gift for them to hang their dresses on. And again, will look great in pictures.


Nail Kits

Don’t have time to go to the spa? What about giving your bridal party each a nail kit and personalized spa bag.



Even here in Phoenix it can get chilly at night. Giving your girls a pashmina in your wedding colors will be sure to keep them warm.


Flip Flops

Keep your girls’ feet blister free by giving them cute flip flops to wear for the reception.