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Thanks for Celebrating! featured image

Thanks for Celebrating!

April 24th, 2014

The idea behind favors for guests who attend your wedding is a simple one, a token of thanks for celebrating with you! Traditionally, Jordan almonds were given to guests as a symbol of good luck for the married couple, however currently, many couples choose a more modern “thank you.” Here are a few ideas for favors your guests will be sure to love. As an extra bonus, any of these can be used as escort cards too!

Spread the Love – Homemade jam dressed up in a cute jar and tag.

Sweet as Honey – Local honey in a sweet little container makes a darling favor.

Sweet Treats – Come on, who doesn’t love a sweet treat to enjoy?! S’mores, donuts, cookies the possibilities are endless!

Love is Brewing – For any coffee or tea loving couples, coffee grounds or tea bags for guests to enjoy.

Watch Love Grow – A planted succulent is a great “low maintenance” plant to pass on to guests.

Please Be Seeded – An easy way to incorporate escort cards and favors, with seed packets.

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Please Be Seeded
Spread The Love
Sweet As Honey
Milk and Cookies
Love Is Brewing
Watch Love Grow
Please Be Seeded