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The Legend of the Groom’s Cake featured image

The Legend of the Groom’s Cake

April 17th, 2012

A new trend we are LOVING here at Venue at the Grove is couples bringing in not only a beautifully decorated wedding cake, but a Groom’s cake as well! Some of our amazing couples such as Lisa & Chris and Angela & Chris recently brought them in and we absolutely had to share!  A Groom’s cake is a smaller cake, usually one layer (but who says it can’t be bigger?), decorated with things that show the Groom’s personality. So we did a little digging, and as it turns out, this is not a new trend at all!

Some say it started in London, England, where originally, each unmarried woman would be given a slice of fruit cake after the wedding, they would then sleep with it under their pillow and superstition says they would dream of their future husband. They say this was later adapted into the “groom’s cake” which is now served either at the rehearsal dinner or alongside the wedding cake at the reception. Others claim the tradition belongs to the Southern belles in America (think back to the armadillo cake Shelby gave her fiancé in Steel Magnolias), but wherever the tradition started, we think it is a fantastic way to incorporate some of the Groom’s style and interests into your wedding!

Here are some cool Groom’s cake ideas to get you started!

Angela and Chris’ Raider Cake.

Lisa and Chris’ Marine Corps cake.

Fun poker themed cake.