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The Send Off – By Laura featured image

The Send Off – By Laura

May 6th, 2012


A lot of couples want to make a grand exit, leaving their guests in awe and creating spectacular photos in the process. The first things that may come to mind are sparklers, Chinese lanterns, doves or butterflies.  Unfortunately releasing doves or butterflies raises quite a few environmental concerns and many venues are now saying no to sparklers and lanterns because while they may be gorgeous, they can also be dangerous. In fact some states have even banned sparklers all together, yikes! So what is a bride to do?!

Here are some cool, unique ideas I think would make a great send-offs and create memories that will last a lifetime!

  1. Tinsel Wands- This one requires you to get a little crafty. Start with buying some gold or silver tinsel , (or both; you could even throw some metallic red in there to create a fiery look), a couple packs of dowels (wooden or plastic rods; you can find them at most craft stores), and a hot glue gun. Use the hot glue gun to make a ring of glue around the dowel, then crumple bits of tinsel onto the top. They do not have to be perfect, the idea is to create something that will actually LOOK like a sparkler.  Have your guests wave these around for your grand exit and you won’t even be able to tell that they’re NOT sparklers in your photos!


Photos compliments of wedding wire

  1. Glow Sticks- These are as easy as can be! Snap them on & they are glowing in assorted colors and lighting up a room! Have your guests wave these around and expect some awesome photos like the one below.

Photos compliments of wedding wire


  1. Bubbles- Let’s face it, bubbles are FUN not to mention safe, inexpensive, and simple! Hand out bubbles to your guests for your send off and you’ll be sure to have some great pictures with everyone laughing and bubbles galore!

Photo Compliments of Luster Studio


  1. Origami cranes- If birds are your style, but you don’t want to rent live doves this is for you.  Have Each guest “release” one as you walk past! If you don’t know how to do origami you can purchase already made paper cranes from stationary stores or online, they can also be made in a variety of colors so why not incorporate your wedding colors into your send off!


  1. Flower Petals- Having your guests throw flowers petals as you exit is beautiful and much easier to clean up then traditional rice!


Whatever you decide, make it your own & stay SAFE!